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HR Toolkit


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HR Toolkit (Files & Formats)

The Human Resources (HR) Tool Kit has many documents, policies and supporting templates, aimed at improving the level of human resources management. The HR Toolkit has been developed by the Human Resources professionals to cover all the key areas that your business needs to manage employees. It includes files and sub folders with  information every small business needs to implement and the files are placed in order of priority based on compliance liability. Each module covers the framework and key guidelines on how to execute HR activities and functions, tips on how to manage specific HR matters, and tools and templates that SMEs and HR Professionals can use to meet their day to day HR needs.

What is in Your HR Tool Kit?

Every HR professional needs an HR toolkit. Just as a mechanic in a garage needs to be able to call on the best possible tools for the job, a great human resource management tool kit can provide those working in the HR profession with everything the need to ensure the business contains only the happiest of employees. The best HR toolkit will enable three key elements of the role to have a maximum, positive impact on the business and its employees.

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