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Payroll processing consist of calculation of payments to employees for their work in the company – whether it is based on time or productivity, calculation of benefits, and statutory deductions. […]
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For many years, job seekers were at the mercy of job portals, if the candidate dolled out extra dollars, they would be featured in the profile job search, or come […]
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The older industries are giving way to the newer industries; E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Aggregators are growing faster than the older boys on the block. Naturally, Job seekers are […]
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The recent years have seen the demise of one manager one employee concept; it is now common for a corporate denizen to have multiple managers, with each one handling different […]
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Employees learn more through their daily work than they do in formal training courses. Helping your direct reports or team members learn through experiences, though, is easier said than done. […]
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