How to Get Certified?

Step 1: Choose the right certification for you

How to Get Certified from IIHR. Select which certification is right for you from our entry level human resource certifications to professional level certifications. Industry-recognized certifications are credentials that students can earn as a way to distinguish themselves as a qualified and competent worker. To earn a certification, students must demonstrate competency in a skill or a set of skills and pass an examination or have a certain amount and type of work experience or training.

Step 2: Select your Education Partner and Schedule the training

IIHR registers multiple educational Partners who can help the candidates meet Certification Education criterion. IIHR appoints many Educational Partners of repute that conduct full time, part time, online and distance learning courses for the HR Certification Programs. Faculties with our Education Partners are having decade plus experience and are certified by us. Select the location and Education Partner to schedule and start your program, applicants must meet the selection criteria at the time of admission with our Education Partners

Step 3: Complete the training with our Education Partners

Our certification program provides a unique career growth opportunity to leverage our cutting-edge learning technologies and collaborate with our Education Partners for your career growth. Making a study plan and schedule that includes dates, times and places for good study habits. Applicants must meet specific educational and work experience as well as training attendance criteria at the time they submit their application for exams in order to be eligible to sit for the PGCHR, CHRG & CHRP exams.

Step 4: Register and take the Exam for Certification

We are pleased you are beginning the journey of IIHR certification. IIHR exams are based on generally accepted HR principles. Preparing for exams can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, there are several options available that can assist you in the preparation of your desired IIHR exam.While IIHR does not endorse a particular resource or method of study, we encourage candidates to explore the preparation resources that are available for each certification exam

Step 5: Congratulations ! You’re Certified!

Completing your application and preparing for an exam are the first steps toward earning a world-class HR certification. After successful completion of online or written exam, all the participants will be getting Internationally Accredited and Globally Recognised Certification from, for PGCHR, CHRG & CHRP certification programs which will be valid for 3 years. After 3 years participants can Recertify by appearing for Online Exam or by Credits. Put your certification to good use by increasing its value.


Both Online & In Person exam options offer the same exam with the same level of service and support and same international recognition. Your certification will not show that you have taken the Online / In Person Exams.

Offline Exam

Take your exam written handbook or on a PC in a controlled location with staff assistance available as needed from IIHR Campus or Education Partners

Online Exam

Take your exam indoor from your home on a laptop. You will get an email with instructions and username & password before 10 minutes of your exam.