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Education Partner Program

FranchiseOpportunityWe are on an expansion spree and are on the lookout for franchisees in all cities & towns in India. Franchising is our effort to expand an exciting and profitable business with like-minded entrepreneur across the country. Our Education Partner Program (EPP) provides qualified international partners with the opportunity to host the Human Resource Certification programs and workshops for management professionals in their regions. Partnering with IIHR, your company can bring world class content to your customers, partners, and prospects, and generate incremental revenue, while increasing your organization’s brand awareness and leadership position in the field of Human Resource training institutions. As our partner, you will get access to our wide portfolio of accredited courses, building of your delivery capability, operational and marketing support.

Become an Education Partner

how to become an Education and Training Partner for offering the certifications

01. Enquiry

Contact us to know about the partnering process and benefits

02. Sign Up

Sign up the agreement and MoU for offering training programs

03. Payment

Pay the Education Partner Fee to start your franchise at your location

04. Certification

Get your Education Partner certification from IIHR

04. Kickstart

kickstart your training programs to the students at your location

Education Partner Program™ (EPP)

Join our growing list of Education Partners and have your institution recognized for its work.

Does your organization offer high quality educational and training opportunities for sustainability professionals? Do you want to help ensure that sustainability professionals at all levels have the skills, knowledge and abilities to make sustainability standard practice around the world?

Join our growing list of Education Partners and have your institution recognized for its work. Our Education Partner program is for those organizations that provide existing and aspiring sustainability professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to meet existing and future challenges as they work to make sustainability standard practice around the world.

The program has three main goals:

  • Identify organizations that provide superior education to sustainability professionals in order to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to address the sustainability challenges currently being faced by the world
  • Provide guidance to organizations offering sustainability education on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by sustainability professionals
  • Provide guidance to current and aspiring sustainability professionals on opportunities for high quality sustainability education and professional development opportunities

How to Become an Education Partner

Find out the process of becoming an Education Partner for offering certification programs

One can become an Education Partner of IIHR with a medium investment. If invested frugally total investment comes out to be around 8 to 15 lakhs but may raise up to 20 lakhs if the institute is made more accommodative and attractive to get more and more students and providing them best training. Though the area required is not limited and depends on location, student capacity, type of courses offered, however 1000 sq.ft. to 3000 sq.ft. will be good enough to start with.

The return of investment depends on the courses and requirement among students at the place where the franchise is started. Though the modules, materials, exams and certifications etc. are designed by IIHR itself, so getting students is not a problem if faculties are talented and experienced professionals.

Being part of EPP network will also provide your staff the enablement, software support, access to the dedicated partner support team keeping you ahead of the completion and enhancing marketability of your education services. The initial investments are minimal and the royalties progressively decrease as your business increases.

Join our EPP network today and together let’s get customer’s realizing their investments, employees maximizing performance while enjoying the confidence and satisfaction of success, and shareholders increasing their returns.


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Partner with us

Do you have the next big idea to promote high quality Human Resource Education for millions of professionals in our country? Are you willing to use all your entrepreneurial energy to make your dream a reality?

If yes, we are looking for you!

Education Partner Levels & Benefits

Find out the benefits of becoming an Education Partner in each levels

Our Education Partner program recognizes organizations that provide the highest quality sustainability training and education. We recommend their offerings to current and aspiring sustainability professionals looking to improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We offers three different levels of Education Partner Program™.

Global Education Partner (GEP)

This is the highest level of Education Partner program, in which you can offer Internationally Accredited Certifications as well as Indian Certification programs.

Please find below the Application Fee, Renewal Fee and the Benefits of Education Partners.

GEP Application & Registration Fee : Rs.10,00,000/- + Taxes

Annual Renewal Fee : Rs.2,00,000/- + Taxes

GEP Benefits
  • Education Partners will get 80% of the Revenue generated from each International HR Certification Programs, HR Courses and HR Workshops per students.

  • Course and Study Materials will be provided by IIHR for each student based on the certifications

  • Exams will be conducted under proper invigilators by IIHR and certifications will be issued from IIHR based on the Exam Results


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Our world renowned team strengthens capabilities and drives rapid, sustainable and systemic change to deliver quality education for all. We partner with global education leaders to design and deliver scalable and equitable transformation. Contact our Education Partners for a career in the field of Human Resource Management.

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