Certification Examination for Members / Students of IIHR or Education Partner’s of IIHR :

In order to obtain Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP®) Certification, all candidates need to be proficient in both the Theory & Practical Aspects of the Certification Scheme. Candidates need to successfully demonstrate both, Theoretical Knowledge and Implementation Skills by successfully undergoing Theory Exam and submitting requisite project in order to obtain Certification.

Examination Details for Members / Trained from IIHR or Education Partner’s of IIHR

The Theory Paper will be of 100 Marks and duration will be 2 hours. Theory Paper contains 100 (Hundred) 1-Mark Questions

The Practical Paper will be of 100 Marks and duration will be 2 hours. Practical Paper contains 10 (Ten) 10-Mark Questions

Topics for Project will be determined & informed to the Candidates. Each Candidate has to submit their Employee File with all the necessary forms and formats on the project topics and face a Viva (100 Marks).

Each candidate needs to obtain 60% each in Theory, Practical and Project in order to be able to be eligible for Certification.

Certification Examination for Non-Members / External Students:

As per the certification scheme, it is not mandatory that the candidates must complete the certification body’s (IIHR) own education or training as an exclusive prerequisite when alternative education or training with an equivalent outcome exists. Any students who completed the training (online or offline) with any other institution across the world can directly apply for the certification from IIHR.

Students from other institutions must submit the necessary training or education evidence documents such as Course Completion Certificate, Training Certification or any other documents certified by the other institution etc. at the time of admission as well as they must follow the examination system defined by IIHR as per the certification scheme to get certified.

Examination Details for Non-Members / Trained from other Institutions:

There will be an Online Examination consist of Objective Type Question Paper , which will be of 100 Marks and duration will be 2 hours. Theory Paper contains 100 (Hundred) 1-Mark Questions

Each candidate needs to obtain 60% in the Online Examination to get pass mark and in order to be able to be eligible for Certification from IIHR.

Criteria for Certification & Re-Certification


Initial Certification is issued after meeting the Pre-Requisites, Completion of Training (Classroom Training as per the Training Calendar in the Mobile App provided by IIHR) and Successful Completion of Examination.

Renewal of Certification

CHRP Certificates are valid for a period of 3 years. Before expiry of the Certification Period, it is the responsibility of the Certified Persons to ensure renewal of Certification. Certificates are renewed after assessing the Certified Person against the Recertification Process

Suspension / Withdrawal of Certification

If any Certified Person is unable / does not renew his / her Certification, it shall be suspended for 12 months. During the suspension period, the Certified Person may try and obtain renewal of Certification. In case the Certificate is not / cannot be renewed during the Suspension period, it will be withdrawn After withdrawal of Certification, if any person wants to renew his / her certificate, he / she shall have to follow the process of obtaining Initial Certification.

Renewal of Suspended Certificates

  1. During the first 6 months of the suspension period, any Certified Person may renew his / her by fulfilling the recertification criteria mentioned above.

  2. Certificate renewal in the last 6 months of the suspension period can be done only after completing a written examination of 60 marks. Remaining 40 credits can be obtained by any of the above mentioned methods. 70% marks are required in total to be eligible for recertification.

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