Continue to experience the benefits of core certification.

To recertify for your CHRG®, CHRP® and CHRM® designations, you must earn a minimum of 80 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years from your Date of Certification.

Recertification Overview

Individuals who have attained the CHRG®, CHRP® and CHRM® designations must demonstrate an ongoing professional commitment to the business analysis profession by satisfying the Recertification program requirements. There are two key reasons for the Recertification program:

  1. To ensure that the Business Analysis Professional is keeping up with changes in the profession.
  2. To ensure the Business Analysis Professional contributes to the profession.

The Recertification program supports the ongoing professional development of individuals who have attained their CHRG®, CHRP® and CHRM® designations, hereafter referred to as Recipient. The purposes of recertification are to:

  • Encourage the ongoing professional development of recipients.
  • Encourage and recognize individualized learning.
  • Encourage the efforts of recipients to give back to the profession.
  • Offer a standard and objective mechanism for recording professional development activities.
  • Sustain the global recognition and value of the designations.


As a CHRG®, CHRP® and CHRM® Certification-holder, you can choose one of two options for recertification:


Earn 75 Professional Development Credits within 3-year recertification cycle.

Enter your PDCs in your IIHR Online Learning Portal, submit your completed recertification record before your expiration date and pay the recertification processing fee. Qualifying activities include projects that advance your education, your organization or your profession. Please contact for additional assistance.


Re-take the certification exam within the last year of recertification cycle.

Complete the application process, pay the exam fee and test at your current certification level no earlier than 12 months before the end of your three-year recertification cycle. If you fail the exam, your credential will be revoked and you will need to reapply and pass the exam to regain it. Please contact for additional assistance.

Responsibility of the Recipient

Although IIHR will attempt to contact each recipient regarding their recertification date, it remains the responsibility of each recipient to be aware of the date and to comply with all recertification requirements on time or risk losing their certification status altogether.

The Certification team will email each recipient at their email address on file prior to their recertification anniversary date notifying them that their recertification date is approaching and that they must apply online for renewal of their credential. Note that recipients are responsible for ensuring their contact email address with IIBA is always up to date.

Note: Email communications from IIHR may inadvertently be blocked or forwarded to bulk mail folders by some spam filters. Recipients should therefore, add to their personal address book in their email program to help ensure important Recertification program messages from IIHR and specifically from Certification are received.

Online PDC Tracking, Submission & Fee Payment

Recertification consists of an online or offline process via the IIHR website or in house whereby the recipient enters their PDCs, agrees to the Terms and Conditions and Code of Ethical Conduct and Professional Standards, and pays the recertification fee. IIHR must receive the recipient’s recertification submission and fee payment by their recertification date.

Upon submitting and paying for your recertification, the recipient will either receive an email stating they are Approved or Approved Pending Audit. If the recipient’s recertification is approved, the recipient is recertified and their next recertification date is three years from their current recertification date.

If recertification is declined for any reason, notice will be emailed to the recipient.

Determining Your Recertification Date

A recipient’s certification begins on the date they pass the certification examination and ends on the third anniversary of that date. For example, an examination date of August 01, 2015 results in a certification expiration date of August 01, 2015. which means the recipient must recertify by end of day August 01, 2015.

Active Status

Recipients who recertify prior to their certification expiration date will continue to be in active status for the next three years. All recipients considered by IIHR to be ‘active’ will be listed on the Certification registry within the IIHR website. This allows verification of a recipient’s designation status by employers for example. Agreement to being on the registry is part of the online certification and recertification processes.

Suspended Status

Recipients who do not satisfy the recertification requirements will automatically be placed in suspended status. The suspended recipient’s name will be removed from the IIHR online certification registry. Suspended status will last a maximum of one year from the certification expiration date. Suspended status also means that the recipient may no longer use the credential or certification mark, nor identify or represent him/herself as the holder of the credential or as certified by IIHR. Failure of the recipient to adhere to these guidelines will result in the revocation of the designation.

The movement from suspended status back to active status requires the recipient to accumulate the required number and qualifying type of PDCs, pay the appropriate fee and agree to Terms and Conditions as well as to the Code of Ethical Conduct and Professional Standards. Upon meeting all recertification requirements, the recipient’s name will be added back on the online IIBA certification registry.

The recertification date of the recipient’s next three-year cycle remains the same regardless of whether the recipient went into suspended status (i.e. the suspension period overlaps the first year of the next three-year cycle.) Any PDCs earned during the suspension period and applied to the suspended recertification effort may not be applied to the next three-year cycle.

Recipients who do not meet their PDC requirements within the suspension period will lose their designation. Individuals who lose their designation will be required to re-apply for certification (including taking the exam) to regain their credential.

Recertification Fees

Earning your CHRG®, CHRP® and CHRM® certification credentials proves your competence in the HR field and your dedication to the profession. Maintaining the credential shows that you are committed to self-improvement, continued growth and development, and HR excellence.

With continuing education as its cornerstone, the IIHR certification recertification process supports your efforts to stay at the top of your game by maintaining your competence and relevance in the field, thereby maximizing the value of your CHRG®, CHRP® and CHRM® certification.

Recertification Fees (Every 3 Years)


For IIHR Students
For Non-Students
Exam Fee after Due Date
Recertification Duration

CHRG® Certification

Level 1
For IIHR Students : ₹5,000
For Non-Students : ₹10,000
Exam Fee after Due Date : ₹15,000
Recertification Duration: 3 years
(from Certification date)

CHRP® Certification

Level 2
For IIHR Students : ₹10,000
For Non-Students : ₹15,000
Exam Fee after Due Date : ₹20,000
Recertification Duration: 3 years
(from Certification date)

CHRM™ Certification

Level 3
For IIHR Students : ₹15,000
For Non-Students : ₹20,000
Exam Fee after Due Date : ₹35,000
Recertification Duration: 3 years
(from Certification date)


Note: Students Must write the exam within 3 Months from the Date of Expiry of Certificate to GET RE-CERTIFIED!