How to Get Recertified ?


International Institute of Human Resource (IIHR) is emerging as one of the  global leader in developing rigorous exams to demonstrate mastery and real-world application of forward-thinking HR practices, policies and principles. An IIHR certification distinguishes you as a master in the HR field, with proven levels of skills and knowledge, and the competence necessary to mitigate risks and drive business results. IIHR is established with the sole purpose of developing outstanding HR professionals. Being a fast growing leader in Human Resource education, IIHR is immensely passionate about delivering high quality education to its students who aspire to move ahead in their career through additional management skill acquisition.


As a CHRG®, CHRP® and CHRM® Certification-holder, you can choose one of two options for recertification:


Earn 75 Professional Development Credits within 3-year recertification cycle.

Enter your PDCs in your IIHR Online Learning Portal, submit your completed recertification record before your expiration date and pay the recertification processing fee. Qualifying activities include projects that advance your education, your organization or your profession.



Re-take the certification exam within the last year of recertification cycle.

Complete the application process, pay the exam fee and test at your current certification level no earlier than 12 months before the end of your three-year recertification cycle. If you fail the exam, your credential will be revoked and you will need to reapply and pass the exam to regain it. Please contact for additional assistance.

Recertification Process

Certification is a mark of excellence. It demonstrates that the certified individual has the knowledge to ensure the quality of products and services. Certification is an investment in your career and in the future of your employer. Recertification takes up to 90 days to process from the date the file is deemed complete; therefore, it is recommended that applicants begin the process at least 90 days prior to their certification expiration date. Failure to recertify in a timely manner could result in your status becoming expired and loss of business opportunities.

Step 1: Recertification by Credits

As a certified CHRG or CHRP professionals, you will have an online profile and be able to track your credits earned throughout your 3-year recertification period ending on or before the 90 days of certification expiry date. Once your recertification application is complete and has been approved, your next 3-year recertification period will begin from your existing end date. The owner will receive an auto e-mail from IIHR that contains the instructions for Recertification 90 days prior to the certificate expiration date. We recommend all the applicants to record the recertification activities since IIHR will not review your activities untill we receive your application and payments

Step 2: Recertification by Examination

You may opt to sit for the exam rather than earn recertification units. Recertification by exam is required for those whose certification(s) has expired and are past the six-month grace period for submitting the IIHR recertification journal/application and documentation.  You have one year from your expiration date to recertify by exam before your certification(s) will lapse and be deleted from your certification records. During this year, you’re not allowed to submit your recertification journal packet. You can recertify only by exam. Recertify only at the certification level you currently hold and you should complete the exam application process


You are allowed up to one year before and after your certification expiration date(s) just to recertify by exam. If you pass the exam you will be issued a new card and certificate with the same certification number as before.

Note: Your recertification date will be your original due date, not the date you passed exam.

If you do not pass the exam for recertification, your credential will be removed, and you will have to reapply and take the exam during a future exam window to become certified again. If you don’t pass the recertification by exam, you will be decertified and will need to certify by exam as a new applicant. If you choose to certify as a new applicant and pass, you will receive an entirely new certification number, along with a new card and certificate and new three-year recertification start date