CHRM Certification

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Certificate in Human Resource Management – CHRM HR Certification Program

Entry level HR Certificate program for Indian HR Aspirants. Certificate in Human Resource Management CHRM™ is a basic level skill development program affiliated under CSVT, which enables new HR professionals to get in to the role as an HR Recruiter / Generalist in India.


Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM)

Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM®) is an Internationally Accredited and CSVT (Govt. of India) Affiliated Senior Level Certification program. This certification is helpful and suitable for professionals with 10+ years of work experience in any field to become an HR Manager. The HR Manager is responsible for all processes relating to the activities and requirements of the staff within the organisation. After successful completion of evaluation and examination, you will be getting Internationally Accredited and Govt. of India affiliated certifications from International Institute of Human Resources.